If You Can’t Prove It, Don’t Say It

‘My daddy is the strongest man in the universe’ ‘I’m the fastest runner ever’ ‘Manchester United are the best football team in the world’

All the above are boasts probably being made by children in playgrounds up and down the country on any given day – all are boasts that are clearly untrue, but you let slide because of the innocence of youth. Continue reading

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Stirring A Hornets’ Nest

You may remember a blog I put together a few weeks back titled ‘Whatever Happened to Professional Integrity’?

In this piece I spoke about the shocking behaviour from some PGA Professionals who had been targeting their fellow PGA Pros and approaching clubs with a view to taking over the Pro Shop, at a reduced rate. Continue reading

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Whatever Happened To Professional Integrity?

I never cease to be amazed by our industry’s ability to consistently take three steps forward then four steps back!fcd8edf9c0f19a46c3e5c3a23acab329

Now that, arguably, our worst weather related downturn in 10 years is finally over, the sun is shining and the market is beginning to boom, we are hearing stories of, what many will surely consider, despicable behaviour, from the very people that you should trust. Continue reading

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It’s Not About The Size

With the GDPR deadline looming PGA Professionals are (or should be) frantically rebuilding their marketing databases through an opt-in process.

I’ve heard a few worries from people that they will lose a large chunk of their email database as their current subscribers are not re-registering.

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Snore Snore Isn’t it Boring?

Tee-ed Off: Golf named the most boring sport by British public 

Wow, that is a pretty damning headline from The Telegraph and it isn’t the only one doing the rounds in the broadsheets, tabloids and any other mainstream media outlet at the moment.

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TGI Golf Travel – We Have Lift Off!

The beginning of this month saw the launch of TGI Golf Travel, something I’ve been working towards since we set the wheels in motion back in June.

Having worked for nearly 25 years in the golf travel business I’m no stranger to the industry and in recent years I feel golf travel is becoming a race to the bottom on price.

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Eddie’s Tour – The Unmistakable Air of Positivity

giphy (2)Earlier this year I travelled the length and breadth of the UK and Ireland with our dedicated team of Retail Consultants visiting individual PGA Pros and hosting a number of intimate meetings with our Partners.

These ‘cluster’ meetings have given Partners the opportunity to come together and discuss the matters important to them, the golf industry as a whole and how TGI Golf is working hard to assist our PGA Professionals.

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For The First Time in Eight Years We Were In Bed Before Midnight

We’re five days into our trip here to Turkey and we’ve been out till the wee hours every night, but last night we were finally beaten.

Despite our combined age of 235 it wasn’t the late nights that caught up with us though…it was the weather.

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Worst Weather Ever!

Unfortunately, no matter how amazing this trip is year-in, year-out, there is one thing that can never be guaranteed…the weather. Today was without doubt the worst weather I’ve ever played golf in, and we’re from Scotland!!Dry Mackies

It was certainly character forming. However, despite all the rain the course was awesome. It was amazing how well it drained. When you were walking on the fairways you’d hardly know it had been raining, in fact it held the water better than any links course I’ve ever played.

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Poor Preparation Did Prevent A Poor Performance

Another night spend in the nightclub with our dancing shoes on once again may not be the best preparation for an early tee time, but it wasn’t going to stop us strapping on the dancing shoes and joining our Turkish hosts for some traditional dancing.

What didn’t help was dad turning up 20 minutes late for our agreed start time, followed by Dennis realising he’d forgotten his shoes! We arrived at the golf course bickering among ourselves, with no time to practice and little time to spare before we were off.

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