The easy decision is not always the right decision

Eddie AGM 13

How often has someone told you, or you may have experienced it yourself, about a company giving them XYZ for free as they threatened to leave? Or have been given ABC by someone to sign up with them?

A lot I bet. Satellite television and mobile phone providers are the ones we often hear it about. “I called so and so and threatened to leave, so they gave me Movies and Sports free for six months.” I guarantee we’ve all heard that from someone.

Is that really the best way to run a business? It may work for multi-billion dollar worldwide businesses, but it certainly doesn’t for the smaller guys, it’s simply not sustainable and what does it say about the loyalty of your customer? They’re only sticking with you because you’re giving stuff away for free.

You have to look at the bigger picture. They may give you better value for that six month period, but once that’s at an end what then? Another six months free? I doubt it, you’re back to square one, with the same difficult decision to make.

So ask yourself, ‘is six months better than a lifetime?’ I would put money on the answer being ‘no’.

As the title of this blog says – the easy decision is not always the right decision. Weigh up all the benefits before making a decision, look at the long term value to your business, not the short term.

Eddie Reid
Managing Director

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