Time For Retail Action

Peter Smyth Sept13The 2013 season has come to a close – I’m sure we can all agree it has been a more positive and financially successful one? If you are reading this post and thinking “not me” it is time for action.

As a Retail Consultant, nothing frustrates me more when I enter a Pro Shop only to find the sales staff standing around doing nothing or glued to the TV screen. This to me is a sure sign that there is a failure to set standards and goals within the business.

By implementing the following simple activities to your day-to-day retail operation, I believe you will see a positive effect on your sales during the 2014 season.

Setting Goals and Expectations will give you a definition of success and, in my experience to date all Partners want to be successful as individual business people and as a group

Remerchandise and rotate your displays – so many of us forget or don’t fully understand that a high percentage of our golfing customers are dedicated, repeat business through the club membership or surrounding visitor groups.

Give them something to look forward to by revamping existing window displays, impulse displays, product departments with new and exciting merchandise – create a seasonal journey through your shop.

I have highlighted more activities below, for further details please contact your dedicated Retail Consultant to book an appointment

Invest in developing your staff

Measure and react

Peter Smyth
Retail Consultant

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