Time for clubs to realise what an asset the PGA Pro is

Ian Martin Sept13Too many golf clubs aren’t utilising the expertise and experience they have at their disposal – the PGA Professional.

The Pro Shop is the ‘hub’ of all golf clubs and as such the club management should be looking to use this facility, and the expertise within, to build and establish a successful community.

Most phone calls, enquiries and even deliveries are directed to the Pro Shop, so ensuring this first point of contact has the correct knowledge and knowhow can be pivotal to the success of what happens next.

Nine times out of 10 a potential new member will speak to the Pro first, so he/she must have all the tools required to deal with these situations –  the club and committee must realise this and must empower the pro to deal with it his/her way.

It’s not all one-way traffic however, let’s not forget the Pro has a duty to help the club too. Everyone should be working towards the same goal of making the club stronger, with more members as well as  increasing the experience and enjoyment for those who are part of the club.

Too many times we hear Pros saying the ‘club doesn’t listen to me’ or that ‘the club aren’t proactive enough.’ Well why not write down the ideas you have and present them to the club? Simple?

In my retail meetings I often explain the business relationship between the triangle of the door, counter and fridge, and in a golf club environment this is replaced with the Pro, the committee and the members.

By working together and trusting that everyone is driving for the good of the whole club then the members, the golf club and the pro will all prosper and succeed together.

So secretaries, committees and Pros it is time to start talking and listening to each other, with one united goal – the benefit of the club and all involved with it!

Ian Martin
Senior Retail Consultant

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