If You’re Not Speaking To Your Customers, Someone Else Is – The Importance of Communication

Matt MillardWhen things are busy or times are hard one of the first things the majority of people scratch off their to do list is marketing or promotion.

Many times I’ve heard the words “I don’t have time” or “I’m too busy” when it comes to those jobs, yet they are some of the most important roles to fulfil when running a business, particularly a retail business like a Pro Shop.

After all, how are your customers and potential customers going to know what you have in stock or what special promotions you are running if you don’t tell them? They’re simply not going to know, therefore will not be beating a path to your door.

To make matters worse, I can 100% guarantee you that if you’re not communicating with your customers somebody else will, one of those big internet retailers will, without doubt, be bombarding inboxes.

How often have you heard the story of a club member going into the Pro Shop and saying so and so is selling something at a bargain price – ask yourself how that member knows this information. I’ll tell you how, because your competitors have been speaking to them through email, Social Media, text, post and possibly more.

If you are not communicating with your customers in any way shape or form then you need to start looking at it.

Communicating with customers has never been easier with so many media channels now available – emails, Facebook, Twitter, websites – there are all manner of vehicles in which to broadcast your message.

Time is at a premium for many golf professionals, I appreciate that, but you must make time for communication…it is an immensely important cog in the business world.

Matthew Millard
TGI Golf Head of Communications

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