Every PGA Pro Can & Will Benefit from The Golf Show

In order to address and overcome the vast array of issues facing the PGA pro in the Photo 08-09-2014 16 29 30 (HDR)current trading climate they need to be armed with the latest and most relevant information on everything relating to their business and the game in general.

The upcoming Golf Show is the armoury to give Pros that arsenal. Equipment, education, business and social interaction with other like-minded professionals can benefit not only their own acumen, but their understanding of the industry’s big picture.

Every PGA-run educational seminar staged at the show between October 7-9, is free to attend, while CPD points are available for each one, as well as for just walking through the show doors.

Personally, I believe the biggest strength the show offers is longevity and consistency. It now offers delegates a maturity that ensures they constantly receive great value at the event.

With so many like-minded PGA Professionals in the same town at the same time there is plenty of opportunity to learn from each other too. The Golf Show is one of the only times a large group of PGA Professional come together away from the course and gives them the opportunity to learn from their peers, swap success stories and share ideas.

In any other industry there is no need to sell the benefits of a trade event, it is a taken as read the industry will come together and find a united way to take it forward.

Golf needs to develop that united front, to come together as one. By dedicating a day or two at the Golf Show and turning up in numbers we can send a positive message to the whole industry.

Every PGA professional can benefit from attending, it should be a priority to attend each year.

Eddie Reid
Managing Director

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