Time to Shake off the Doom & Gloom and Big it up!

Ryder CupDescribed as the most successful Ryder Cup ever, Gleneagles has certainly given our game the real shot in the arm we all needed.

The venue, weather, TV and media coverage has pushed the Ryder Cup to the heady heights of, according to Sky Sports, the third most watched sporting event in the world.

Staggering for what is still seen by many as an elitist sport. With 45,000 paying customers each day and the merchandise tent all but sold out by Saturday, we as industry people must look at this as a huge positive and a strong message to us for the future of golf in Europe.

On the train back from Gleneagles on Sunday evening I struck up a conversation with a gentlemen and his daughter from the east end of London, who had been there all week.

He told me he was a keen golfer, golf club member and a huge supporter of his PGA Professional. He also said that he had attended almost every Ryder Cup since Walton Heath in the early 80s both home and away, and had been joined in recent years by his daughter.

Now this chap wasn’t a multi-millionaire, fly by helicopter in and out attendee. He is an ordinary working family man who loves his golf and commits a huge amount of time, resource and most importantly, money to our game.

It struck me there and then that it is time for all of us in the industry to stop and think about how we have all contributed over the past few years to the negative vibe around the game.

Certainly since the recession it has become almost fashionable to knock the industry in one way or another.

The fact is we are no different from any other industry, we have our challenges and we know what they are – but the reality is 45,000 people each day at our flagship event don’t see that.

These people continue to pay our wages and we owe it to them to pull together and make it better for everyone.

So come on, let’s start to puff out our chests and be proud of our game, start ‘bigging up’ the industry.

If the events of the past few days are anything to go by, things can’t be that bad can they?

Eddie Reid
Managing Director

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