Keep Your Options Open

During the recent months I have had many conversations with PGA Professionals, which Imagerevolve around suppliers and what to stock going forward.

As a Retail Consultant I will only offer advice I feel will benefit that individual shop, and this will change from venue to venue. However, I am surprised how many retailers have already made their mind up before looking at what is out there.

Too many pros have already decided they are not going to stock brand X or they are going to dump brand Y, just because they have heard bad things or they don’t personally like an element within that brand.

Our industry has become a rumour mill with so many negative anecdotal stories that, if taken seriously, can cause serious damage to your business. Golf retailers need to concentrate on what is out there, what the facts are and what is right for their business.

There are many great brands producing fantastic products out there and I would recommend keeping an open mind as to what might be right for your business at least until you have met with all the brands on your option list.

Remember that this might go against your own personal preconceived assumptions or third party information. Always put what’s right for your business first!

Good retailers + Good products = Good business

Ian Martin
Senior Retail Consultant

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1 Response to Keep Your Options Open

  1. retailtribe says:

    You’re correct Ian. Being specific, I’ve heard a great deal of negativity in the UK market about two particular brands, but they’re both releasing irons that make big improvements for the regular golfer (our biggest customer group).

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