The Most Effective Point of Sale Message I’ve Ever Seen in Retail

Guest blogger Philip Hesketh, a multiple award-winning professional speaker on the psychology of persuasion and influence, discusses the most effective POS message he’s seen

Are YOU curious enough to want to know more about the most effective Point of Sale message I’ve ever seen in retail?

I was in an antique jewellery shop a few weeks ago in Avoca, north of Sydney. A handwritten note on the counter (pictured) piqued my curiosity. I asked the female assistant what percentage of people who notice the sign, asked about the 2,000-year-old item – her response…“Everyone”.

POSEveryone! That’s 100%!

She went on to tell me that pretty much everyone notices the sign too. Interestingly she told me I was the first person to ask her how many people asked about the item.

Not only do your ears prick up when your curiosity is piqued, but your brain is also sent a message along the lines of ‘sit up and take note because this is going to be good’.

Three chaps called Loewenstein, Prelec and Shatto conducted a study whereby they asked people five questions on general knowledge and offered them a choice of reward. The choice was either a bar of chocolate, or to know the correct answers afterwards.

When this choice of reward was offered before being asked the questions, 80% chose the choccy. However, when it was presented to them after, 80% chose to know the answers. Why? Their curiosity had been piqued and they wanted to know how well they had done.

So how does this help you as a golf pro? Well, if you want golfers in the shop to ask you about something, pique their curiosity with a question on point of sale rather than just a price or a benefit.

In Avoca it was partly the fact they had a 2,000-year-old item, partly that the note was handwritten and partly that the ‘point of sale material’ (if you can call it that) was the ONLY notice in the whole shop.

And to let you know – the item was a Roman ring. You can see it just to the left of the sign.

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