Pudder’s Tales – That Was Brutal

Over the course of the Team Challenge 2016, Mundesley PGA Professional Ryan Pudney Pudders– with a few interjections from his teammates Phil Webster, Kevin Taylor & Jon Batten – will be writing a daily blog on his experience. 

After another fairly quiet night, a nice meal in the Sueno’s Asian restaurant, we felt this was our time to have a good round.

However, looking out the window this morning and hearing the wind blowing a gale we knew that would not be the case.

With a later tee off time we took the opportunity to have a leisurely morning in preparation for the round and as luck would have it the rain cleared and the sun came out…for half the first hole!!

We didn’t even have time to put our waterproofs on the rain came that quickly – or in Kev’s case, he didn’t even have waterproof trousers so found himself soaked through! We were lucky we were playing the Sueno Shuffle and only one score counted on the first six holes.

Fortunately the rain, although ridiculously heavy, did not last long and dried out…eventually.

As a group we felt we performed better today, despite going from five-under with two holes to play and finishing one-over. (Jon: “We just need our Pro to start playing! We’ve tried teaching him some course management, but course management is only relevant if his golf ball stays on the same planet.”)

It was tough going, with some very tricky pin positions, in fact some of them only lacked windmills! I was convinced there was a hidden camera and people were watching laughing at how many putts everyone was taking!

We really enjoyed the Sueno Shuffle format (Phil: “It was a great format bearing in mind there were only three of us on the team!”)

There were a few moments where we all struggled – Jon had a three putt late on, Phil took four to get down from a greenside bunker while Kev snap hooked it into another country (Phil: “And our Pro managed to top it off the 15th tee.”)

Admittedly that did happen, but I still made par (Phil: “It was the worst par I’ve ever seen.)

We’re now gearing up for the important 36 holes of the Team Challenge. We feel we’re improving, barring the last two holes we were good today, we do need to hole more putts but we are optimistic going into the next two days.

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