Pudder’s Tales – Guess Who’s Back…Our Pro

Over the course of the Team Challenge 2016, Mundesley PGA Professional Ryan Pudney – with a few interjections from his teammates Phil Webster, Kevin Taylor & Jon Batten – will be writing a daily blog on his experience. IMG_6690

It was another quiet night for us last night in preparation for the main event…well, I say quiet, we were still in the bar until midnight when we couldn’t keep our eyes open anymore.

Ahead of Round One my team actually sat me down and gave me a talking to…it’s a good job we’re all good mates.

Webby decided he was going to take it upon himself to guide me around the course (Phil: “Just because you can swing a club it doesn’t mean you have a brain.”).

What it did confirm is that Webby is by far a better caddy than a golfer.

The weather was glorious today, which really set the tone for a great day with superb organisation from the TGI Golf team. We were all announced onto the tee through a PA system, which was a great touch, especially as the starter (Paul Hay, TGI Golf Retail Consultant) actually sounded like Ivor Robson.

The organisation is always first class, all the staff always have a smile on their face and really make the event enjoyable.

For those TGI Partners who have not been to this event you really need to come along, it’s amazing (Jon: “And, as always, we’ll probably be looking for someone to replace Ryan, although he did step up to the plate today to be fair.”)

We got off to a great start with six points on the first hole with two tap-in birdies from Kevin and I. However, we struggled after that with hardly any shots of the first six holes, two three puts on the fifth, made a mess of our shot holes and made the turn on 39 points.

We were a little despondent but then we started firing with Webby stepping up and knocking it stiff on 11 to get us back on track. From there we didn’t look back.

We went six points, five, five, six with all of us making three pointers. It’s one of those formats that when you get on a roll it was great. Jon was tremendous today, shooting four over gross playing off five.

It was nice to finally start dropping some putts, there were some mega putts on the par-3 16th. We were 12-under for the final eight holes.

In summary we were sub standard on the front nine and comfortably above on the back – we like to think we’re in with a shout, we certainly haven’t played ourselves out of contention.

We are off to the TGI Big Fat Quiz of the Team Challenge tonight. We’ve not been in previous years as we always wanted an early night in preparation for the final round, but we’re going tonight.

Mind you, one thing’s for certain, we won’t be winning the quiz!! (Phil: “Certainly not if you’re on our team – as I’ve already said you can swing a club but you haven’t got a brain.”)

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