Size Matters

Sizing…what has happened to sizing in clothing? Why has it become so complicated?2016-05-08 19.40.33

Slim fit, skinny fit, athletic fit, US fit, European fit? What ever happened to your size being your size?

Since getting married last year I’ve relaxed a little, perhaps eaten a bit more than I should and certainly drunk more than I should, but I had the shock of my life the other day when I tried on a pair of trousers and the ends repelled each other like two magnets.

The trousers I had were the same waist size as usual, but ‘athletic fit’, whatever that is, and there was absolutely no chance I was getting those done up.

Cue huge disappointment. Diet plans were drawn up, all the chocolate removed from the cupboard and beer out of the fridge, I even felt I had to issue an apology to my wife: “Sorry love, didn’t realise I’d got this big!”

However, I then pulled out another new pair of strides (it wasn’t my birthday, it was staff uniform), exactly the same waist size but normal fit, and guess what…they slipped on like a dream.

So basically, you’re telling me that if we go for one of these new fangled fits we have to go a size up? Well if that’s the case then it’s a complete oxymoron because a 38inch waist is definitely not ‘athletic’ and it most certainly is not ‘slim’.

And don’t get me started on the various sizes from different brands; surely a large, 34in waist or size 10 shoe is the same for every product?

Nope, obviously not.

What would be much better is if it was the other way around and the fits made you feel good about yourself. You’re an XL, but the fit makes you a medium!

Now that would be amazing – we could call it ‘chunk fit’.

So come on clothing brands, for the sake of our sanity make it so we can buy with a feel good factor.

Matthew Millard
Head of Communications

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1 Response to Size Matters

  1. Davis says:

    Size is relative. Like age, I consider it to be just a number.. haha but then I think i have started playing golf just so I can appear fit even though I am an L too.

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