Top Trumps


The past few weeks have seen a number of divisive political figures on both sides of the Top TrumpsAtlantic.

While, rightly or wrongly, some have fallen by the wayside in the past week, another seems destined to become the most powerful man in the world.

Donald Trump. His views are seen across the globe, and by many in the US, as being pretty whacky, but no matter what his politics, whether you support his views or not, Trump is good for golf.

Over recent years Trump has poured somewhere between £750 million to £1 billion into UK & Irish golf, through his purchase and redevelopment of Turnberry, in Scotland, Doonbeg in Ireland and the construction of Trump International, in Aberdeen.

His investment in Doonbeg, revamp of Turnberry and development of Trump International have been magnificent. Although he has had his issues with planning along the way, and has – naturally for Trump – upset a few people too, he sends a clear message to other investors…golf is good business.

He also drives tourism to these resorts, because love him or hate him, the work his team conduct is often beautiful, creating aspirational venues for golf lovers across the globe.

If you want to go even further you could look at the jobs he’s also created and the boost to the economy in those areas.

Turnberry alone now employs 340 people, full and part time (according to the Financial Times), while for the region of West Clare, where Doonbeg is located, it is forecast that his investment will bring a €38m bonanza for the local economy in the years from 2017 to 2024 (Irish Independent).

So while it is extremely easy to knock the man (yes, he does make it easy doesn’t he?), we must also take a moment to reflect on some of the positives he has done over his career.

In conclusion… Trump the politician? No thank you. Trump the golf philanthropist? Yes please.

Eddie Reid
TGI Golf Managing Director

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