Mackie’s Musings – It’s a Good Job It’s Not Saturday

Over the course of the Team Challenge 2017, we will have a daily blog from one of the event’s only ever presents led by Scotscraig PGA Professional Craig Mackie. He will no doubt have a few interruptions from his teammates Dennis West, John Rankin and Craig’s father Ian Mackie.

Over the last eight years we have always started our Team Challenge trip the same way with a wee trip to the Golf Lounge in Glasgow for a bit of practice…both golfing and socialising.

With a combined age of 235 it’s pretty crucial that everyone gets the muscles working in preparation for a big week of golf, and everything was going smoothly until dad decided he wanted to practice from the rough…then it all went wrong.

It’s difficult to put into words, but fortunately the video was rolling when he stepped up, shanked the first and followed that up with two air shots. (Click here to watch the video)

Once on Turkish soil we played a practice round at The National with a few of the other lads over from Scotland. With 28 of us playing and every man putting €5 in the pot for a sweep, it can be quite a lucrative ‘practice’ round.

We played well and managed to rack up 80 points, which we thought would give us a chance of taking the pot…how wrong we were. We didn’t even break into the top three.

If that was a positive start to the week’s golf we were brought back down to earth pretty quickly playing the Sueno Shuffle on Thursday. It was a disaster, it’s a good job it wasn’t Saturday.

The format has one score from four for the first six holes, two to count for the second six and then three from the final six holes…it’s not format that suits this old team.

Having started well the final six holes was a disaster. We’ve just about come up with every excuse possible, including Dennis’s knees!! He pulled out the shorts today and has a smiley face on his left knee, it’s a major distraction and we cannot stop laughing at him.

(Dennis: “Old football injuries have left me with funny looking knees”)

He needs knee operations and a facelift…we think they’ve combined the two!!

Going into the rest of the week we’re hopeful that we’ve got our bad round out of the way and if we can keep our social activities under control we’ll be ok…however, that’s going to prove difficult.

This event is awesome if you want to come and concentrate on the golf, but it’s also an excellent social break and that’s what we like about it. We like to have fun, so it doesn’t bode well for our golf.

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