Worst Weather Ever!

Unfortunately, no matter how amazing this trip is year-in, year-out, there is one thing that can never be guaranteed…the weather. Today was without doubt the worst weather I’ve ever played golf in, and we’re from Scotland!!Dry Mackies

It was certainly character forming. However, despite all the rain the course was awesome. It was amazing how well it drained. When you were walking on the fairways you’d hardly know it had been raining, in fact it held the water better than any links course I’ve ever played.

We could certainly learn a thing or two from the greenkeeping staff here, the greens were completely untouched by the rain. If it wasn’t for the fact we were soaking wet in our waterproofs you wouldn’t know it was raining.

Our room is like a laundry now with all our wet gear drying out.

It was an eventful round for us today. I was having to add yards onto the distances I was giving the team today to make sure they hit it hard enough.

Dennis managed to pull out his full repertoire of trick shots. On 10 he skimmed his tee shot off the water, bouncing it four times and then up the bank to safety, like a bouncing bomb. Then on 12 he hit it into the bunker, dubbed it out then rattled in the long putt for a net birdie.

On another he snap hooked his first into the c&ap, shanked out, found a bunker then holed his bunker shot for another net birdie.

We started calling his Lazarus as he kept coming back from the death.

We finished with 78 points and thought that was going to be good enough to give us a shout, especially with the conditions. We couldn’t believe it when we heard some of the scores out there, some great scores have come in.

Tonight we’re going to watch the rugby in the hotel amphitheatre then head into the TGI quiz night as it’s always a great craic.

No doubt we’ll end up in the nightclub again. We had a great night in there last night with all the Turkish guests. They were teaching us their traditional dances, so we returned the favour and taught them our moves – Feed the Chickens, Heavy Shopping, You Fat B*stard – they were loving it. They were asking for selfies and I’m sure I saw dad signing some autographs

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