For The First Time in Eight Years We Were In Bed Before Midnight

We’re five days into our trip here to Turkey and we’ve been out till the wee hours every night, but last night we were finally beaten.

Despite our combined age of 235 it wasn’t the late nights that caught up with us though…it was the weather.

Playing in those poor conditions yesterday just took it out of us and with the prospect of having to do it all again the following day we were busted and set for an early night.

We wanted to call time before 10pm, but the old ‘one for the road’ got us at least three times, so it was still 11.30pm before we got back to our rooms – that’s the earliest we’ve ever been to bed in all the years we’ve been coming to the Team Challenge.

Having woken this morning to the sound of thunder we knew it was going to be a little touch and go as to what would happen.

The TGI team did a great job in rejigging things to make sure we all got out on the course to complete the event, although it did mean our tee time was brought forward, which caused a little panic especially when John turned up for breakfast in shorts and a t-shirt.

It was so much tougher today than yesterday though due to the fact it was so much colder.

Playing The Pines Course, we went out in 38, which we thought was good going, but once again (this has been the story of our week) the wheels fell off going through the last five and we closed with a 34.

Without doubt that was the worst weather I’ve experienced for two consecutive rounds, it was tough. It really was a TEAM CHALLENGE, the name is spot on. After those two rounds we think we could get into the SAS (John: “What Sad and Stupid?”)

To sum it up though it’s been an amazing week once again, despite the terrible weather. It’s a superb event, we always enjoy ourselves and it’s amazing to come away and play golf with three guys who are all like fathers to me…obviously one is, but you know what I mean.

Even if you guaranteed that we would have four rounds of rain next year we’d still be back here in a heartbeat, we love it.

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