Snore Snore Isn’t it Boring?

Tee-ed Off: Golf named the most boring sport by British public 

Wow, that is a pretty damning headline from The Telegraph and it isn’t the only one doing the rounds in the broadsheets, tabloids and any other mainstream media outlet at the moment.

The usual sort of thing from the mainstream media, not one to be surprised at really, in fact, the only surprising thing is that this headline didn’t come during Open week, that’s when golf usually tends to get a battering.

However, let’s not be too disheartened or dismayed at this latest negative headline to rock our sport.

When I was training to be a journalist (yes, I am one of those) my editor always told me never look at the top of a press release, always delve down to the bottom and you’ll find the real story.

Well, let’s turn that on its head and look a little deeper into articles, shall we?

All these stories have come about due to a recent YouGov poll, a poll of a measly 1,616 people…1,616 people?!?!

So, if the population of the UK is roughly 60 million, that means the survey accounted for, if my maths serves me correctly…0.0027% of the population – you can’t really call that the view of the British people, can you?

The only boring thing going on here is the usual clap trap of the mainstream media about golf. If it’s not some story about golf being archaic because one club has some crazy rule, then we get this nonsense!

But hey, you know what they say…don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story eh?

Right, I’m off to watch the national tiddly winks world championship decider…it’s going to be a belter.

Matt Millard
Head of Communications

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