It’s Not About The Size

With the GDPR deadline looming PGA Professionals are (or should be) frantically rebuilding their marketing databases through an opt-in process.

I’ve heard a few worries from people that they will lose a large chunk of their email database as their current subscribers are not re-registering.

However, here’s a scenario that I’ve seen played out time and time again during this re-registration process.

PGA Professional A, currently has 1,000 subscribers to his Enewsletter, with an average open rate of 25%. Having sent out an email asking his subscribers to opt-in again due to GDPR, he has only had 300 respond.

Suddenly his email database has dropped from 1,000 to 300…cue panic stations!

But let’s look at this logically. A current open rate of 25%, means that his email is actually only being read by 250 people – therefore a re-registration number of 300 is about spot on. It also means that his open rate will increase significantly, which is far more important.

Email marketing is all about engagement, it is not about how many inboxes you reach, it’s about how many human beings read what you send.

Therefore, it is far more important that your open rates are high rather than your subscriber list.

A large subscriber list is futile if your open rates are low!

Matt Millard
Head of Communications

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