Whatever Happened To Professional Integrity?

I never cease to be amazed by our industry’s ability to consistently take three steps forward then four steps back!fcd8edf9c0f19a46c3e5c3a23acab329

Now that, arguably, our worst weather related downturn in 10 years is finally over, the sun is shining and the market is beginning to boom, we are hearing stories of, what many will surely consider, despicable behaviour, from the very people that you should trust.

Many golf clubs have been approached by High Street Retailers offering to take on the shop, share any profits and remove or reduce the golf pro’s position to nothing more than a bit part player. Now, given that the on course market is on the ascendency and margins are better you can understand why this is an attractive proposition to our competitors.

Commercial competition is good for the industry, but here’s the sting in the tail. We are seeing, with more and more regularity, PGA Professionals themselves approaching golf clubs and suggesting the club removes their current PGA pro, and they will take up the position or staff the shop and share the profits.

Fellow pros are turning on their own out of greed and self-interest and of course, some clubs will entertain these propositions.

Whatever happened to professional integrity, courtesy and professionalism? Whatever happened to having a professional advantage gained by all being part of the same representative and qualitative body? It really is sickeningly sad how low some people will go to feed their own ego and self-interest.

Every pro ousted has a personal story. Usually a family, probably relocated into the area and having bought a property find their whole commitment brought crashing down by some short term arrangement that is of no long-term benefit to the club or its members.

Rob Maxfield and all at the PGA are working tirelessly to support and elevate the position and perception of the PGA pro, this type of behaviour flies in the face of all the hard work they are putting in!

The best advice I ever had as a kid growing up in the rough streets of Glasgow was keep your friends close, but your enemies even closer…I never dreamt our enemies would be on the same team!

Eddie Reid
Managing Director

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3 Responses to Whatever Happened To Professional Integrity?

  1. Ricky Bowman PGA Professional ( Rtd. ) says:

    Bloody sad and annoyed that this rubbish is going on.
    Time they were named and shamed 😡

  2. Norman says:

    This is shocking!!

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