Stirring A Hornets’ Nest

You may remember a blog I put together a few weeks back titled ‘Whatever Happened to Professional Integrity’?

In this piece I spoke about the shocking behaviour from some PGA Professionals who had been targeting their fellow PGA Pros and approaching clubs with a view to taking over the Pro Shop, at a reduced rate.

At the time I said it was outrageous behaviour and it turns out there were many who agreed as my inbox was flooded and phone line was red hot.

Since then we have seen this aggressive approach continuing, particularly from one of our high street competitors who have even taken to parking vans adorned with advertising slogans in Partners’ golf club car parks.

The times they are a changing….. the PGA Professional can fight back.

One of the telephone numbers that appeared on my phone was that of PGA Chief Executive Rob Maxfield, who, like many, was appalled that golf pros could be doing this to their peers.

In fact, he was so aggrieved that he has assured me that the association will take action against any member who is found to be making these unwelcome approaches to clubs as well as those PGA Professionals employed by unscrupulous retailers who are using underhand and unprofessional tactics to undermine other pro’s.

He has asked us to make it known to our Partners, and PGA Professionals everywhere, that should they find themselves in a position where a fellow Pro is making advances to their club, they should report it to The PGA immediately and disciplinary proceedings will be opened.

Eddie Reid
TGI Golf Managing Director

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